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Its permanent and growing guidance is planning, establishing and managing catering services adapted to the specific needs of its customers and basing its service philosophy on three key aspects:


High Tech: To look after the incorporation, whenever reasonably possible, of the latest technologies in all working processes and the best innovations which contribute with useful value.


High Touch: We work with people who are in fact the only source that authentically generates added value and at the same time also need the maximum attention and support. This is why, as a consideration of the best resources we have, ARCASA strengthens boosting, motivation and involvement of its humane team for getting the best of themselves and works for their personal growth.


High Fun: We like our “job” and we understand shared enjoyment in the development of our professional duties as an essential requirement for achieving high levels of excellence.


High Value: We assimilate constant learning, which generates values for all involved agents in the processes and services we offer: users, professionals, customers, collaborators, suppliers, shareholders and social setting.

Our efforts have to lead us to an Integrated Management System, which works in all our centres and, therefore, we improve the abilities and integration of our human resources to Food Safety Management and Work Safety of ARCASA in a pleasant and familiar way.

These initiatives will bring us closer to our present and future customers and will allow us being prepared for challenges, that without any doubt, will appear in our social and legal settings and will fulfil the daily commitment we have to our customers, collaborators, shareholders and our values of constant improvement.

This policy is the tool, which shows us the path we need to follow in order to achieve our purpose. Our aims will be supported in this policy and our efficiency has to be the consequence of its strict application.

The adoption of this policy and the effort of achieving all our aims have to be our commitment.