ARCASA Human Resources
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ARCASA Human Resources


ARCASA is in a development process and in its differentiation and quality strategy there is a clear service vocation for people.

From the Human Resources department we are promoting a new management model for the people, which is more appropriate for the new dimension of the company, but at the same time, we want to support the flexible and changing needs of the people who work with us.





The challenges and aims of our Human Resources Department:

•    We want to make easier the achievement of strategic objectives through training, capacity, awareness and development of the people who are working with us.
•    We want to develop a flexible humane team with the ability of producing results facing the changing needs of the company.
•    Awaking people’s interest in order to achieve the aims of our company.
•    Increasing the motivation and satisfaction of our staff.
•    Engaging and keeping the best staff with us.

ARCASA has also established and keeps in all its centres a Management System of Labour Risk Prevention as a prevention system focused on the improvement of the safety level and health of the workers, which is integrated in the general system of the company management.


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